#iamgood4 – Bucket List, Creativity, Mental Fitness & 4 Hour Work Week

  • Date & Time: November 22, 2016 - 8:30 pm
  • Venue: Stockwerk Coworking, Pater-Schwartz-Gasse 11a, 1150 Vienna, Austria

Agenda for #iamgood4

We talked about Finding Your Dream, Creative Confidence, Mental Fitness and 4 Hour Work Week in Stockwerk Coworking.

First guest speaker Peter Alexander Hackmair, author of “Freedom lost & found” and ORF Analyst gave us some inspiring insights into his life and his book “Die Bucket List & der Sinn Deines Lebens”.

Stephan Kardos from Creativity Gym Vienna and Open IDEO Vienna Chapter talked about “Creative Confidence”.

Sascha Soulek, Mental Trainer,focused on “Mental Fitness”.

Finally, Thomas, founder of iamgood, talked about the “4 Hour Work Week” concept.


Photos from #iamgood4

Photo Credit: Andrea Zehetner


Slides from #iamgood4