Community Highlight- Elisabeth Marek

Elisabeth Marek, foundress of the creative filip and Rapunze shares her message on personal development and sustainability from a space of creativity and care.  


1.Tell us a bit about yourself and your background in sustainability.

I am Elisabeth (@rapunze) and I am a Viennese graphic designer and teacher. After my studies at the „New Design University“ I founded my own company „Rapunze“ in 2011. In 2015 I founded the Non-Profit Organization „the creative fillip“( In different creative workshops I wanted to offer these challenges to people who never had the chance to make these kinds of experiences. 

After few years of working as a self-employee I realized the endless possibilities I have with my job and how much it changed me as a person. It wasn’t always the client works what made me so happy but more the projects I created for myself. Setting new goals and the way to reach them wasn’t always easy but at the end it turned out pretty rad. Because of this, I learned how to grow with every project.

This year, together with Rob Perez (deadbeathero) I opened a gallery named Soon Art Studio ( at Wallensteinplatz.


2.How does what you currently do contribute to the community?

With fun and creative workshops, I help people to grow by trying something new. It isn’t important what we create. Just by trying something new and finding your way how to create it makes people stronger.

The goal was that people get new energy and more self-confidence by creating. I think it’s exciting when you created something you never tried before.

When I began with „the creative fillip” I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to try something new. Away from my computer and my daily routine. This brought me to Nicaragua where I worked with kids and teenagers from poor backgrounds. I wanted to show them ways in which they can be creative without much material or much money. After this experience I traveled back to Austria to continue my journey. I was working with groups of refugees from the organization „Ute Bock“. I knew it would be challenging without really budget for materials and so on. But I found my ways to solve this problem. I made new friends and found people who helped me realizing my plans and ideas. I have found that creativity can bring people together no matter what their background is or where they come from. Maybe I learned more from the people than they from me. 

„Break out, create your ideas and believe in yourself.“


3.In your opinion and based on your personal experience, what steps can we take today to make Vienna more sustainable?

I love Vienna and I think this beautiful city offers a lot of different possibilities. Nevertheless, we could be more open. Also, a little bit more friendly. We should be respectful to one another and our dreams. I think a lot of people don’t realize that.


4. What does sustainable mean to you?

Sustainable means something you have to take care of. Taking care of yourself and your surroundings, family, friends, and our planet. You have to treat everything more respectfully. Taking care of the people you love and our environment. So that the next generation can enjoy this place like the generations before.


5. What would be one small thing that you wish everyone would start doing tomorrow?

Smile and be happy. Enjoy life. Spend time with the people you love and eat something good. Travel and take care of yourself and the environment. I think a lot of people have everything they need. Just share a little and be open for new things. Get up and try something new. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

Elisabeth Marek


+43 650 3224478
Bäuerlegasse 3 / 1200 Wien

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