Community Highlight – Florian Clutterman

Florian Clutterman is a musician and de-clutterer based in Vienna. His goal is to create awareness about conscious consumption and sustainability. We are happy he is sharing his insights with us.

1.Tell us a bit about yourself and your background in sustainability.

I’m a musician, composer, singer and experimental sound artist. I work as a soloist with my project KMET which is a one man Orchestra and as part of the „Duo Mignon“. I frequently write and play music for theatre, dance pieces, films and silent films. And I’m „Clutterman“, I work as a professional Clutter Clearer. I grew up in Innsbruck, Tirol, moved to NYC when I was 18 and to Vienna when I was 21, three years later. Sustainability:I would say it’s more of a process. Buying less, keeping a bit less, and really knowing what I own. I created fun challenges for myself, where I can develop in this urban area I live in: I cut my own hair, bake my own bread, I gather my own firewood, and I ride my bike in all conditions, all year long.This also gives me a better sense of how much work and energy is involved in many mainstream processes.In music: Not longing for the newest piece of equipment to alter my ideas, but really trying to explore and search and expand from within.

2.How does what you currently do contribute to the community?
As Clutterman: I support and teach people that feel burdened by their stuff. People who spend lots of money buying things in duplicate, triplicate because they lose track of what they own. Their homes are full, and they waste time looking for things.As KMET, the musician: I write and perform music that ideally opens up spaces for people to dwell in, to think a bit differently. My music is also a subtle political statement. I work without a safety net, or special technical support. It’s rooted in a very fundamental technique, dealing with ideas, observations and dreams. It’s flexible, and I can improvise and change it on the spot. On my last record KMET “Smiling Eye” many of the songs deal with the things that surround us. One song is called “Do I own my things, or do they own me?”

3. In your opinion and based on your personal experience, what steps can we take today to make Vienna more sustainable?
Consume less! In every aspect, I think that’s most important.

4. What does sustainable mean to you?
Consuming less really is the key for me. I think there’s enough for everyone if we stop believing that everything has to be bigger and better.But how do you consume less? How do you resist emotionally triggered shopping or impulse shopping?You can start by asking a few questions, so you can be more sure not to buy more clutter, but instead you can help the environment, save time, money and appartment space:
Do I really needs this?
Do I really love this item, is it exactly as I want it (color, shape, texture, material, content)?
When will I use it first?
Where will I put it?
Do I have the money to buy it now?
Are there other ways to fulfill my need(recycle, borrow, rent)?
Do I already have something similar?
Can I spruce up/refurbish/repair my old item so that it is new for me somehow?

5. What would be one small thing that you wish everyone would start doing tomorrow?
I wish everyone could find a fun way to care about themselves, to know that they are enough. To find more satisfaction in what they have rather than looking outside for more.

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