Community Highlight – Beata Stanova

Beata Stanova is a writer, speaker, YouTuber and believer in the power of personal development. With a background in psychology and business, she aims to bring emotional intelligence to the millennial generation in an entertaining way.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your background in personal development.

I’ve always been interested in how people think and why we do the things we do. I studied psychology at University and my journey in personal development skyrocketed with Iconique Psychology. Creating videos about psychology, how to be a better person and just make life a little bit easier for ourselves taught me so much. 


How does what you currently do contribute to the community?

I believe that psychology should be taught in high schools everywhere. We all have a mind, thoughts, emotions and we all must deal with these things on a day to day basis. Yet no one ever teaches you how to do this. In many cases people become interested in psychology when it’s too late. When they are experiencing panic attacks or go through a burnout for example. However, so many of these issues could be prevented and that’s where Iconique Psychology aims to step in. By creating educational videos about psychology, I aim to provide people with information that is accessible, entertaining and actionable.  


In your opinion and based on your personal experience, what steps can we take today to improve ourselves?

Becoming interested in personal development and psychology is already a great first step. With every new thing you learn, you will grow. But to give you an actionable example, I’m going to share with you an important part of self-awareness and emotional intelligence training. It is asking yourself “How am I feeling?”. Instead of emotionally reacting to every single thing that happens to you, try to do a check-in with yourself once in a while. By observing the emotion you’re feeling instead of acting on it right away, you will be able to control your reactions better. 

Everyone has a different starting point though, so personal development should really be about tailoring what you feel like you need. That’s why we try to cover a wide range of topics with Iconique Psychology. 


What’s the most valuable thing you learned on your personal development journey?

The most valuable thing I learned was how to create a relationship with myself. Taking the time to get to know myself, who I was and what is important for me. I learned how to care for and appreciate myself. This was really a game-changer for me. That’s why I focus a lot on this topic in our new “Emotional Intelligence for Millennials” online course. 


What would be one small thing you wish everyone would start doing tomorrow?

I wish people were more aware of how they communicate, and this starts with the inner monologue. This is so often taken for granted and I wish people would just be nicer with themselves. You can either be your worst critic or your biggest fan. And once we cultivate the ability to be good to ourselves, it will be a lot easier to be good to the people around us. 

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