Motivational Monday – David Corcoran

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background in personal development.

I am an Australian living in Austria and moved here in 2015. My background in Personal Development extends back to when I first started at University. I studied Psychology in Australia and was intent on being an Organisational Psychologist. This is when I first began reading books in the Personal Development area first in the New Age section but then moved into self development and self-help topics.

At 23 I discovered I could sing and became a professional Opera Singer at 26. It is while I was I working at the Sydney Opera House with Opera Australia that in 2013 I began a Diploma in Professional Coaching. I finished this in 2014 and had already begun working with people on their career development and life transition when we then had the opportunity to come to Vienna. I did a Masters of Human Resources Management in 2015 and 2016 in Vienna focusing on Mentoring and Coaching in my Masters thesis which received a Distinction. In 2017 I began Resonant Personal Development, which is my presence here in Europe. I provide 1-to-1 Training and Group Development for individuals and corporate/NGO organisations.

I bring a combination of Vocal development, with Emotional Intelligence and Body Language training especially to those who need to communicate with others. I believe in bringing the best from the stage into everyday life to help everyone. Your stage might not be in the theater but it is in the board room, when meeting new clients and interacting with others in an open and authentic way. It can be about how you see yourself in the world.

I want to see others succeed at what they wish to do in their lives and my training offers a chance for people to improve their presence, their voice and the awareness of themselves.


How does what you currently do contribute to the community?

We all need to develop. I bring my insights, listening and support to help people grow. When we are aware of our surroundings, environment and circumstances, we can make choices. Right down to the smallest details. Some of these decisions might limit us or not take us forward towards growth, others will and we can create a new identity based in what we want. An identity that is more informed, aware and deliberate.

This is how I contribute to the community as the more people who I interact with, who implement the ideas that I present or gain an understanding of themselves, will contribute to a different, more positive way of being in our community. I support others to make the journey in their personal growth.
If we all worked harder on ourselves than anything else, we would have a different feeling in our community.


In your opinion and based on your personal experience, what steps can we take today to improve ourselves?

Some of the things people can do today to improve themselves would be (in no particular order): – Be deliberate in your clothing choice
– Rehearse for a speech in the shoes you will wear on stage
– Breathe through your nose more often

– Journal and take time to reflect
– Use the last hour of the day to properly prepare for sleep
– Create positive habits that support your life
– Aim for purpose, not passion
– Bend your knees when you speak in front of people
– Surround yourself with the right people that challenge but support you – Read books, preferably ones that will help you. Non-fiction usually


What’s the most valuable thing you learned on your personal development journey?

So far, I have learned that we need to be aware. Awareness is at the core most things. I have developed this over time and am far from perfect. As a singer, I developed vocal awareness, stage presence and language awareness. As a Trainer I am aware of those I work with and their needs. When

I am outside I try to be aware of my surroundings, using all my senses. When I teach body language at the FH Wien der WKW, I am aware of what my students are doing right down to the smallest movements and details.
Being aware is stopping to think, it’s taking stock, then taking action knowing why we are doing something. We are often unaware, then get caught up. In ourselves, in a situation, we carry one emotional moment into the next scenario which clouds our awareness.

Awareness of self is the most important first step. Self Leadership. We need to be open in the moment and from there we can help others, once we understand ourselves.
Many Personal Development Authors and industry heavy weights really talk about this. Take time each week to become aware. Develop awareness tactics and exercises for yourself. This is where breathing through your nose helps and it can also be used to reduce anxiety.


What would be one small thing you wish everyone would start doing tomorrow?

Smile. Start with yourself in the mirror. Smile at others. Greet them, say hello. Be open when you smile. We can pass these around for free. Smiling on the streets could really help change the way we live, interact and how we treat each other. It costs nothing, gives joy and spreads positivity. It can help when you feel yourself spiraling downwards and it can uplift you further when you feel you are spiraling upwards.

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