Event Recap: #iamgood17 – Be Real

We thank everyone who joined us on March 12th ’19, for our most recent event – #iamgood17 Be Real. In a perfect follow up to our last event, A Fresh Start, the evening was full of insights on living an authentic, conscious life and developing real connections. 

Our first set of speakers Gregor Buchhaus and Rafaela Bachmann, spoke to us about how theyve chosen to live this value of authenticity by literally going back to the roots. They are part of one of the largest eco-communities in Austria Cambium. Currently housing 50 adults and 25 children, they live and work together to preserve this community with the objective of long term sustainability.  

This was followed by our first ever international speakers from the known and loved coaches from The Art of Charm. AJ and Johnny, established coaches in the areas of self-development and human dynamics, gave us insights ad practical tips on developing our social connections by practising real listening skills and overcoming negative self-talk.  

We had the delightful Claudia Heidegger performing through the evening – her songs and lyrics set just the right backdrop for the evening. 

In our efforts to walk the talk, this event was also a certified Öpokoevent and was successfully plastic-free. 

We thank our hosts, Angewandte Innovation Lab for their support and our sponsors soul bottles, Sonnentor, Biorama, Inve Vegan and Bäckerei felzl. 



Photos by Paula Schramm



Watch the recording on ➡️ YouTube



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