Spring, Sprout, Sprint – The Joy of Sprouting

I love to watch peoples’ faces in spring. They always have a smile. It might be the energy of this new season or life coming out of every living being around them. Someone finding their way to the sun, breathing life into their cores and finally sprouting and sprinting to give their best to the world. Here is how you can become an active part of this time of the year and do good for your body.

Learning How to Grow Your Own Superfood

I’m always concerned about the food I eat and the means it takes until it’s on my plate. Especially in the Austrian winter season, where there is not much sun and light. Therefore not much local or regional fresh food.  Well, I don’t have a greenhouse, balcony or some place to grow plants. I began searching on YouTube for answers and guess what! I found a lot of people doing great things in their kitchens!!! There is no need for a big space or giving too much care, not even light or sunshine is necessary. You can grow superfood in the dark. What? Yes. It is possible, and the results are amazing. I just harvested my first seed mix, and I am ready to go on a daily production.

How to Sprout

You need a jar (about 700 ml), just like the ones you buy olives or asparagus with. You don’t need to buy anything fancy, just use what you have. Clean it thoroughly. Make holes on the metal cover using a small knife, screwdriver or a drilling machine if you have one. I use the smallest screwdriver I have and a baby hammer. That´s all you need. Now the seeds. You can get them at the supermarket or organic shop. Try the small package first with about 30 g seeds and experiment with it. Here is how to get them to sprout:

  1. Soak the seeds for about 12 to 24 hours.
  2. Put the seeds in the jar (for a 700 ml jar, 2 – 3 tablespoons full of seeds will be enough)
  3. Fill the jar with water (a bit more than half of the jar). Let them rest in a dark place in your kitchen. They don’t need light.
  4. Change the water twice a day. Keep the seeds clean and swimming. Make sure you do that to avoid mold and fungus!
  5. After 24 hours, rinse them and pour the water until the last drop. Leave the seed laying down in the jar.
  6. Repeat the process in the next few days until they sprout. It’s going to take about 3 – 6 days. At least by day 7, your sprouts are ready to eat.
  7. Before you eat them, make sure you rinse them well and remove the swimming shells.
  8. Prepare a good salat or put the sprouts in sandwiches or whatever you would like to eat. That´s all.


Sharing the Joy 

I began last winter preparing fruits in jars and cooking them like a compote. I also did tomato sauce. That was the beginning. Imagine you are invited to somebody’s home, and you are bringing the best tomato sauce off season! That is amazing! I receive home-made products from friends that are doing the same, and we exchange the joy of these home-made goods. Knowing that someone took the time to prepare this precious food, because it takes time to do it, makes me feel loved, important and taken care of. I want others to feel the same.

It Is Time to Sprint

Wake up! Take this impulse and begin now in the spring season, so you will be prepared for the next winter. I am sure that a few meters away from you is a jar waiting to be used as a womb for your seeds. When you do it yourself, something changes in the way you look at a product. You appreciate the time and effort put into creating what you eat. You respect what farmers do and understand the price of good food. You will need less, and I am sure your food wastage will be much less. You’ll think twice before buying processed food with ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

Take action now and enjoy the results within a few days. I assure you. It will pay off.

No Time For That?

You might be thinking, “Oh I don’t have time for that kind of thing. I am busy working all day long. I just buy organic food.” I know and understand your point. Also, I know the joy of caring for myself, and this is not found in any shop. Not even an organic one.

There is something very special about doing things with your hands and being part of the process. These things take time. You are investing precious time of your life in your well-being. Maybe this is the most important point; investing in your well-being, will give you the opportunity to appreciate what you eat. With every bite, you will think of the day you bought the seeds; the moment you put them in the jar, the first sprouts you saw coming up and the joy of witnessing life itself. Bite again and think of the organic farmer and where the seeds came from. Another bite and enjoy the wonderful taste. Feel the energy in that sprout you are eating right now. Take a deep breath and be grateful for the blessing of having good food on your table.

Happy Spring, sprouting and sprinting!



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