Recap: #iamgood10 – Know Your Potential

Thanks to everybody who attended #iamgood10 – Know Your Potential. It was a great evening of learning more about our potential in beliefs, altruism, and fitness.

For us, it was also a big step up thanks to felzl BäckereiCafe and Lemonaid who provided us with snacks and drinks. Felzl provided us with delicious upcycled bread chips and almond croissants. Lemonaid helped us with delicious drinks that help bring social change to an agricultural school in San Juan, Paraguay. Our guests donated over €60,- to their humanitarian efforts – THANK YOU!

In addition, we got goodies from denns, vouchers for delicious coffee from felzl BäckereiCafe, which we could give to our speakers & the band as a little thank you.

Thanks to the 3 x 1-liter glass bottles from soulbottles, we were able to host this event without using plastic – yey!


The Slides of #iamgood10


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Photo credit: Andrea Zehetner

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