Recap: #iamgood9 – Make More From Less

Thanks to everybody who attended #iamgood9 – Make More From Less. It was a great evening of learning how to make more from less with tangible steps.

For us, it was also a big step up thanks to felzl BäckereiCafe and Lemonaid who provided us with snacks and drinks. Felzl provided us with delicious upcycled bread chips and almond croissants. Lemonaid helped us with delicious drinks that help bring social change to an agricultural school in San Juan, Paraguay. Our guests donated over €120,- to their humanitarian efforts – THANK YOU!

In addition, we got goodies from byGOOD, vouchers for delicious coffee from kaffeefabrik, which we could give to our speakers & the band as a little thank you.a

Also, for our audience and everybody who participates in the homework, we got 2 beautiful glass bottles from soulbottles, and 1 voucher for 1+1 free Happy Glow Yoga session to win.



The Evening started

Iss Michwith Rachel Greismann and Thomas Litinsky playing soft Piano tunes before our hearing Christina Ostermayer from our partner flezl. She gave a brief insight into how flezl is not only reducing food waste but also creates extra value by upcycling leftovers. Our first speaker was Tobias Judmaier from IssMich who told us about his winding road to deeply caring about food waste. He also told us how he built a company based entirely around waste and showed us ways to turn waste into healthy meals.


Our second speaker

Alexander Oberenzer was very brave for giving his first public talk in English and passed with flying colors. We’ve never seen a crowd get that excited while talking about finances. If you want to learn how to make more money, he said, read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. It is the one book that taught him the most about money. We also talked about strategies to increase wealth and how to start a self-perpetuating money cycle. Once a month he hosts the cashflow game where you learn about the principles in the book in a playful way.


Workshop Time

We all want more money and also more time. So, to learn different ways to make more time our team hosted 5 mini-workshops on Getting Things Done, Starting with 10 Steps, Bullet Journal, Not Breaking the Chain and Procrastination Habits.





The final speakers were 5 brave individuals who pitched their hearts out. Each had 90 seconds to tell us about their latest endeavors. We’ll be sure to follow NANAdesign, Kyani Caring Hands, Amigos for Mexico, Creative Ties and Endlos Fesch.





The Band

Tedd Bear CoveThe evening came to a perfect end with an energetic uplifting performance from Teddy Bear Cove.

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