Balancing Your Personal Development Efforts

The wish to grow as a person is a noble intent and in my opinion something everybody should (and probably does) strive for. One is learning a new language or exercising on a regular basis, while others are applying every technique from books like “Tools of the Titans” by Tim FerrissBut how much effort should you put into that? Are you doing “enough”? Is it possible to do “too much”? Will you ever find the “right way”? How do you find the right balance?


Finding the right balance is a constant back and forth

Setting your goals and boundaries and then living up to them at the first try is very hard. I believe the best and most natural approach is to start small (or big if you want to) and then moving towards what is best for you.

Let’s say you want to stretch more often (here are some reasons why you should do it. Start with 1 minute a day for one week. Then you slowly increase the duration until you reached a level where you get the feeling that it is taking up too much of your time. Then you gradually decrease it again until you found the right balance for you.

It is similar to what Patrick Rhone (Author of “Enough“) says about having enough: “Each of us must find what is enough by swaying from less to more until a comfortable medium is found.”


Balancing your efforts is a never ending story

Even if you get close to what feels right to you, it does not mean that you will never have to adjust again. Inner or outer circumstances may change the definition of “balance” or how to get there.

As things change (for example the city we live in or the relationships we get in to or out of), we may need to adjust the way we grow as a person. For example, I used to write into my gratitude journal in the evening when I was living alone. However, now that my girlfriend and I decided to both do “The Five-Minute Journal” I am writing it in the morning since we then can do it together. Doing it together has the benefit that we are holding each other accountable, and we are more likely to stick to that behavior.

It may also be the case that a technique loses its efficacy over time or you gain new knowledge. In which case you will also want to adjust of your efforts and try something new.

I think all efforts to grow as a person should be fun and take up as much time as the need to show their efficacy but not more. Because eventually, you want to leave some time to apply what you learned and enjoy what you achieved as well.


If you want to discuss that matter with the team behind iamgood or me, please join us at our next event. Until then, have a great day!

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Thomas Dori

Hi! I'm Thomas and I'm the founder of iamgood & host of iamgood VIE. When I was a child  I loved to disassemble everything around me like radios or computers because I wanted to see how things work. This curiosity for technology has become a curiosity for life in general. One important aspect of life, in my opinion, is to constantly learn more about yourself and grow as a person. iamgood is my passion project since it is helping others to do the same. If you want to know more about me let's grab a coffee and have a chat.

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