The Story of iamgood: It All Started With a Plastic Bag

iamgood is now an event series, a team of great people and friends, a blog, and whatever idea we will have in the future. It is constantly changing and growing. The idea of life-long learning and growing is deeply woven into what we are and how we operate. But this is not how it has always been.

When I moved to Singapore in 2014, I noticed that you don’t have to pay for your plastic bag. And you also don’t have to ask for one. It’s default. You always get one. Even if you only buy two Snickers. That time I was just wondering and not caring too much about it.

New York, New York

After I moved to NY in 2015, I became more and more shocked by the amount of plastic consumed on an everyday basis. It’s not only that you get everything in plastic bags. You also get plastic utensils and a napkin which both are often wrapped together in a plastic foil. Thousands of New Yorkers buy food, put it in a plastic bag and eat it with plastic forks, plastic knives, and plastic spoons every day. And then they toss all into one bin. EVERY DAY!

There was this one place close to the office in Soho. It’s called Essen and has a 24h buffet. There is not much special about it besides that one woman behind the counter. Every time I went there, she remembered that she doesn’t need to put my food in a bag because I am that one guy who always said: “No, thank you! I’m good.” or shorter “iamgood.”

iamgood is about more than plastic bags

When I came back to Vienna in 2016, I understood that it is not only about what you consume but also why you consume it. It is about being more mindful in general. And when we talk about plastic bags we need to talk about the food wrapped in plastic foil. When we talk about food, we need to talk about nutrition. About sports. About routines. About productivity. About creativity. About everything which has a positive impact on our lives.

Because I believe the better we understand ourselves, the better our decisions will be. Better for ourselves. Better for the people around us. Better for the environment. Automatically.

This is why I turned iamgood from a newsletter initially into an event series which features an easy access into a broad range of topics that all benefit your life.

So start with this: every time a cashier wants to give you a bag or utensils, just say: “No, thank you! I am good.” Even if they insist on it – which they sometimes do –  don’t give in! Be brave & stick to your values – no matter what!


About the Author

Thomas Dori

Hi! I'm Thomas and I'm the founder of iamgood & host of iamgood VIE. When I was a child  I loved to disassemble everything around me like radios or computers because I wanted to see how things work. This curiosity for technology has become a curiosity for life in general. One important aspect of life, in my opinion, is to constantly learn more about yourself and grow as a person. iamgood is my passion project since it is helping others to do the same. If you want to know more about me let's grab a coffee and have a chat.

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